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Cutie is an informal word for a person considered cute or attractive. It can be used to refer to such a person, as in There are a couple of real cuties in my math classor to address such a person, as in Hey, cutie, I missed you! Cutie can also be spelled as cuteybut this is much less common. The first records of the word cutie come from the s in the U.

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My French husband loves me. I appreciate he loves me because he hands me a bouquet of flowers about every weekend. And when I acquaint with him I was at a accessory full of beautiful people, he charmingly says something about birds of a feather. I'm reminded that he loves me when we're at a blend party with work colleagues and he reaches out to caress my appendage. He calls me ma biche my deer and shows his love designed for me every day, even after add than a decade together. However, I can't remember the last time he said je t'aime I love you. This might be disconcerting if it wasn't so normal in France, anywhere no matter how head-over-heels a combine may be, they rarely utter those words. It's not about a be deficient in of affection or the fear of commitment.

You can call a young child a cutie pie or you can adopt a young child as cutie meat pie , as in Hey, cutie pie! I missed you! The word cutie can be used by itself en route for mean the same thing. However, cutie can also be used to consign to a person whom one considers attractive, as in There are a couple of real cuties in my math class. It can also be used as a term of adopt.

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