I Want To Ride A Cowboy

Cowgirl looking a cowboy 7370

She was 5'5 with long dark hair, blue eyes and the most amazing body. She was barely nineteen with a fully developed, jaw-dropping body. My friends and I would frequent this particular bar not because of the waitresses, but they had TVs all over the place and great pub food. This happened to be the most central location for all of us, so this worked perfectly. Looking around, plenty of dudes would hit on the waitresses. Some liked it, some didn't. I had always been advised not to pick up any waitress while they were working. From the various reasons they provided, I felt that advice was solid. So I would be friendly, very polite and humble.

I am wearing my black fishnet stockings, with suspenders, up to my crotch,with my cherry red mini skirt riding my smooth tight arse, and my lacy see through black top, along with no bra; my favorite knee above what be usual lace up boots completing my slutty look. I am wondering what accomplish and I glance over into a paddock. A nice looking man is fixing fencing; he looks like a cowboy, with all the gear; a dark blue checked shirt, with low-slung jeans hugging his sexy hips. At the same time as I lick my lips, my aperture starts to water, causing my brainy red lips to twitch. As he saunters over, I am checking him out.

My name is Thomas, which some ancestor call me Tom for short. I live in town not to a good deal out from the city, so certainly I live on a farm. I have it all what more be able to I want, I have a complete 12 acres to myself, with a few livestock. I am just absent a female companion. I always told my maw, that one day I would have my own farm, after that move away from the city. I was born in the city, along with my maw and paw, I was the only child.

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