For Singles: How to Handle a Strong Sex Drive in a God-Honoring Way

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Kristen Clark is married to her best friend, Zack. She is passionate about promoting the message of God-defined womanhood through blogging, speaking, mentoring young women, and hosting Bible studies in her living room. With tears streaming down my face, I sat alone in my room. As a year-old Christian single woman, I was battling against my flesh and the sexual temptations in my mind…again. I wanted to be pure. I wanted to fight against the lust in my life. I wanted to honor God. But it felt too hard.

I am a year-old man and air very sexually and emotionally confused. I was well brought up in a loving family and I have a good number of female friends. Although this, the only sex I allow ever had, I have paid designed for. I first went to a prostitute when I was at university after that, looking back, I think I was searching for comfort during what was a very unhappy time. Since after that, I have visited them regularly, ahead to three or four times apiece week, often after drinking. I allow been trying hard to deal along with my behaviour and this year I have dramatically cut back both the frequency of my visits to prostitutes and the amount I drink. But, viewing internet pornography and telephoning femininity lines have replaced these two vices. I am constantly battling to cease trading out sexual urges. This can be prompted by anything as seemingly bland as a bare female midriff.

How do you manage your sex ambition or your desire to have femininity without masturbating? Masturbation has been presented to me as my only alternative and I'm wondering, is there a few other way? How can I administer my desires in a healthy way? First, we'd like to say congratulation for asking such a bold ask.

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