Finding out my wife was the center of a gangbang

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By MogamboDecember 28, in Swingers Talk. My wife proposed the swinging lifestyle 15 years back to which I agreed. Everything went well until My wife told me that she wants to try gangbang. We went to one private gangbang party. My wife was raved by six single males.

We were a great match sexually after that mentally and our sex life has been steady throughout our entire marriage ceremony. I never had any inkling so as to my wife had done anything akin to a gangbang, would you have? Although recently things have taken a affected turn and I wanted to allocate my discovery with you all. The other night my wife and I were talking about our past sexual experiences. It was really hot. I gave her all of my awareness as she slowly and erotically revealed that she had been in a gangbang and not just once. I had so many questions for her and she answered all of them openly, yet I was still astonished. How was I just finding this out?

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