How To Turn Square Glutes into Round Glutes

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Place the band above your knees with your feet shoulder-width apart and squat down. Starting with your right foot, step to the side, completing 10 steps. Reverse, stepping with your left foot first, back to the start. Complete 3 sets. Keeping this in your workout routine will help with balance and stabilization. Directions: Start standing, feet together, in front of a bench or step.

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But, we are all born with altered glute genetics that will largely be in charge of what glute shape you have. The shape I get asked about the most is square shaped glutes. Pointless to say there is a bushel of utter rubbish out there arrange websites and blogs about how en route for build rounder glutes. Trust me after I say, most of it bidding get you nowhere! I cover glute building nutrition in detail in this article. We need calories and protein to build muscle, so to adjust your square glutes to round glutes we need to eat. I advise training your glutes x a week for a minimum of 3 months to see any real change all the rage glute shape and size.

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