Ariana Grande’s New Album Is Her Filthiest Yet. It’s Also Her Most Contemplative.

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InNew York Times writer Jon Caramanica profiled Grande ahead of the release of her second album, My Everythingand she was still very much coy about sex in her music at the time. With Positionsher track sixth album, Grande undoubtedly destroys the notion that she needs a collaborator to say the things she, presumably, may have been too chaste to utter before. And on the title track of her album, Sweetenershe uses baking to convey a message about the ecstasy of oral sex. Grande kicked off her album release a week ago, simultaneously debuting the lead single along with its music video. The video, which came out a few hours after the final presidential debate, was very much in line with the theme of the night. Later in the video, she places a medal around the neck of someone dressed in a US Postal Service uniform, a not-so-subtle way of honoring the real-life postal workers of the financially at-risk government agency. She has been forced to find the strength to heal after back-to-back traumas. Here, the thumping beat paired with the breathy approach from Grande and Doja Cat is infectious. Contact Michael Blackmon at michael.

All the rage , with one killer track, an artist could become a household appellation, sparking infinite conversations and even add memes. In addition to all the new names, established artists like Lana Del Rey and Vampire Weekend redefined themselves and reset the trajectories of their careers. At the end of one year, and looking ahead en route for the next decade, here are the tracks we believe will stand the test of time. Listen to selections from this list on our Spotify playlist and Apple Music playlist. Shawn Mendes seems beamed in from a pop era before face tattoos after that pink hair and cursing: Last day, when the Canadian heartthrob revealed he liked to— gasp! On paper, Mendes is pining after the girl who got away with the obsessiveness of an Instagram stalker—and yet his aerate delivery, and shameless cheesing in the video , make it clear so as to this winning rom-com of a chant has a happy ending. The in name only vocal sample, chopped into oblivion, is a suitable mantra: Nate returned en route for footwork while recovering from an damage that left him temporarily paralyzed as of the waist down, a particularly brutal irony in a scene defined as a result of movement. What emerges is a strangled, melodic hook offset by unsettling choral effects and chords that spiral aloft in a nervous twist of force. The exhilarating track from her seventh studio album, Beauty Marks , follows the singer in the throes of infatuation, with a throwback disco bang that mimics her joy.

Photos Quotes Paco : You should not have done that to my brother, Cruzito, ese! Know what I aim jellybean? You wanna dance? I appreciate a tune, that's gonna stick after that cut.

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