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Maria Muldaurs seasoned voice with charm and history combined with skinny tubas lively and fresh interpretation of trad New Orleans jazz is a powertrain of nostalgia and love to a genre that shows the vitality and happiness of the music that founded very much all of rhythmic music today. And she loves it to bits. If you enjoy a good trad jazz record this title is very much recommended. Verified purchase: Yes Condition: new Sold by: badlandsuk. The result is excelent. It is great to hear a new New Orleans style jazz band and of course Maria Muldaur already has a very high reputation.

Houston's independent source of local news after that culture. Classic Rock Corner. Bob Ruggiero May 6, AM. Join the Houston Press community and help support all-embracing local journalism in Houston. Get the latest updates in news, food, composition and culture, and receive special offers direct to your inbox. Support Us Houston's independent source of local gossip and culture. Imagine her surprise after the shop owner told her so as to the band was Tuba Skinny, an act made up of young players from New Orleans who had deposit out a few CDs, but above all performed on the streets of the Big Easy. Still not convinced a propos their age, Muldaur insisted the construction owner show her pictures of the group.

Lead singer Maria Muldaur has had New Orleans connections since she released her advance solo album in I was a fan of Dr. When I got to do my first alone album in on Warner Bros. John on piano?

At the same time as it should be. And Tuba Emaciated could well be a new favorite. Their brand new and sparkling arrangements of vintage music are thoroughly agreeable re-creations of great old American composition. Of course, Maria has done a lot since her debut. This is her 43rd album, most of which have focused on her love of old blues, jazz and roots composition, and especially old-time jazz and blues women.

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