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Yeah, sure But, they're still assholes. If you yourself are not an asshole though, adopting some of the traits of a guy like this so you can be an asshole can seem like something of a mountain to climb This kind of question usually never pops up so I am just gonna ask. How do I become more like a jerk or an asshole? I am too friendly basically, because parents and such always told me to be kind and polite and nice. I have been trying to be more playful lately, trying some wit and I experiment with my female friends and they seem to enjoy it OR dont get it. And when I meet new girls I am this little kind person again because I dont want to seem awkward.

Flickr Courtney Carmody 1. It took me three long, horrible years to accomplish this. Then he has to act on fixing it, which assholes are, by default, almost never wired en route for do. Asshole, heal thyself! But the moment I could look in a mirror and like what I saw—not only physically, more that I liked the person who was looking ago at me—I ghosted that asshole accordingly quickly his balls probably retracted ago up into his lungs. My member of the clergy was a mean alcoholic who could send me into tears with individual glance. When I first hooked ahead with my asshole boyfriend, I accepted wisdom I could change him. My fucked-up shithead loser no-dick blazing flaming blare asshole ex-boyfriend was the latter sort—if you were kind to him, he smelled blood and went for the jugular.

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