Exercise Addiction

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Outlook What is exercise addiction? Exercise addiction is an unhealthy obsession with physical fitness and exercise. Exercise causes the release of certain chemicals in the nervous system. These chemicals create a sense of pleasure or reward. Exercise addiction may be, in part, a dependence on this pleasure response. What causes exercise addiction? Exercise releases endorphins and dopamine. These are the same neurotransmitters released during drug use.

After does something healthy, such as application, become an unhealthy obsession? And be able to apps make things worse? Sprinting about trees, fallen leaves crunching underfoot, Valerie Stephan looks focused and peaceful arrange her morning jog. It's like a series of small victories.

It sounds like an oxymoron — application has a healthy connotation, while compulsion sounds negative. But experts are as some people abuse a healthy daily life — and for one Los Angeles woman, the addiction lasted nearly 20 years. Misti, a year-old woman who declined to give her last appellation due to privacy concerns, said she became addicted to exercise after academy. It got to a point anywhere if Misti missed her morning aerobics, she would leave work to application — or if she ate a big holiday meal, she would as soon as go running — and not consume time with her family. Her ancestor and friends tried to speak ahead — but she thought they were the mistaken ones. David J. Linden, a neuroscientist at Johns Hopkins Academe medical school, told the New York Times in October that exercise addicts can also feel tolerance, cravings after that withdrawal. Twelve to 18 percent of Americans have an addiction, and a good number people have more than one, Spanswick said. Exercise addiction is classified at the same time as a process disorder — just akin to sex or gambling addictions.

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Coping with Exercise Addiction We all appreciate getting and staying healthy through application can feel good, but sometimes it can feel so good that ancestor who exercise might wonder, can you get high from working out? After that if you can actually get above what be usual on exercise, like you can as of drugs, is it good for you or bad for you? The abrupt answer is that yes, you be able to get high from exercise. And although the feeling of getting high itself is not harmful, like with drugs, you can be harmed while below the influence of this high affection, as you may be less alert of the potential and real cause detriment to your body.

Thanks to those benefits, many people by least try to work out commonly although, of course, sometimes life gets in the way. But one female wants people to know that around are also serious potential health problems if you regularly overdo it by the gym. Katherine Schreiber, 28, tells ABC News that she started en route for exercise as a teenager to battle body image issues. Schreiber started absent exercising twice a week, but it quickly spiraled out of control. Finally, she was exercising three times a day. Schreiber says she also industrial an eating disorderwhich she received action for in college, but her attention-grabbing exercise habits were never addressed. After that so, her workout obsession continued afterwards she graduated.

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