Wrap it Up: Condoms 101

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Primarily, hormonal oral contraceptives, but there are so many other options. This post will take an in-depth look at one of our favorite contraceptives: condoms. They have been called many names, but at the end of the day the condom is one of the first forms of contraceptive. Colonel Condom, who would prescribe lamb skin sheaths to King Charles II because of all of his illegitimate children. Yet, the first condom use that has been documented was King Minos of Crete in BC because his semen was thought to contain scorpions and serpents that killed his mistresses. Other interesting documented use of condoms were the use of animal intestines and bladders, silk paper, Kabuta-Gata which is a tortoise shell or leather was used to cover the glans and also found to treat erectile dysfunction. He was able to create this condom because of a process called vulcanization, which is the process of transforming rubber into malleable structures, to produce latex condoms. In it was estimated that 18 billion condoms would be used globally. Today, there are many options available for contraception, but the condom still remains the only to prevent against sexually transmitted infections STIs.

Is it safe to use flavoured condoms for vaginal intercourse? In a word; no. Flavoured condoms are designed en route for make oral sex, safe and erm bubblegum-flavoured? The more chemicals in a condom the higher the chance of vaginal irritation. Not cool. Increased attempt of yeast infections In addition en route for the chemicals required, sugar is additionally needed to create that artificial bite. This sugar level is inevitably available to wreak havoc on the assiduously balanced ecosystem of your vagina; it will disrupt your pH leaving you more susceptible to developing a mildew infection or Bacterial Vaginosis. Potentially increased risk of STIs This one sounds like it should be a joke; the very product you use en route for protect yourself against STIs can add to your chance of contracting one.

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