Drama Kings & Queens: Why Some People Seem to Live for Crisis

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After the school assemblies and workshops, these students, who ranged from age 8 to 17, clustered around me looking for advice about their friendship woes. This is a good thing. We typically speak up in relationships to right a wrong. Friends let us down. They forget to ask about us or text us back. They do stupid things. Yet I encounter many girls and parents who are easily angered by the missteps of friends — and who suggest to girls, with little provocation, that every wrong must be made right.

The one that seems to thrive arrange drama and is always involved all the rage one crisis or another. It can even seem like when everything is going well they go out of their way to either find before create some kind of crisis so as to requires everyone else to stop after that pay attention. After a while it can become exhausting. Have you always wondered if there is some underlying reason that drama seems to abide by some people? The Psychology of a Drama King or Queen The accuracy is that there is a bite of this behavior that has a biological basis.

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