How to Trim Your Pubic Hair: 10 Techniques to Try

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Do you need to shave your vagina before having sex? It can be challenging for girls and women to learn how to relate to their bodies because there are so few resources available to adequately guide us. Before we get any further, I want to clarify that pubic hair grows on and around your vulva, not the vagina. The vagina is internal. So, to shave or not to shave? Here are five things to consider. While removing pubic hair is becoming more common, it is still not as typical as removing leg and underarm hair.

All the time start with a clean, sharp cutting edge to avoid infection, irritation, and nicks. Method Soften skin and expand the hair with 5 to 10 minutes in the bath or shower. Bother up with shaving cream, gel, grease, or butter. Choose products designed designed for sensitive skin and avoid applying absolutely to the vaginal opening, anal aperture, or urethra. Rinse your razor afterwards each swipe.

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