Classics for the people – why we should all learn from the ancient Greeks

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The ancient Greeks played an integral role in forming modern society. We have a lot to thank the Greeks for, from systems of government to aspects of the justice system and even plumbing. Not all practices stood the test of time, though, as intimacy in ancient Greece was a far cry from modern romance. Ancient Greece's views on copulation were far less conservative than contemporary society's. Doing the dirty with both men and women was the norm in Athens, and men often took on proteges who doubled as passive physical partners. Copulation in ancient times played an important role in culture and societal hierarchy - but the same does not apply to kissing. Men expected women to become homemakers and bear sons, despite the fact ancient Greeks frequently perished while giving birth.

As of racist slurs to classism, three students share the reasons why they absent — or dismantled — their fraternities and sororities. The cliquishness, classism, after that racial insensitivities of Greek life allow never exactly been hidden. Students are quick to point out that these are institutions established for and as a result of white men from a higher collective class , where racism, rape background, and classism are not unfortunate area effects but direct consequences of the system. And more recently, colleges allow been forced to deal with the results of fraternities ignoring coronavirus restrictions in favor of holding large gatherings: campus-wide Covid outbreaks. The fact so as to many students of color feel alike is not an accident.

J ust how special were the antediluvian Greeks? The question has become agonizingly politicised. Critics of colonialism and bigotry tend to play down the specialness of the ancient Greeks. I able-bodied into neither camp. I am absolutely opposed to colonialism and racism, after that have investigated reactionary abuses of the classical tradition in colonial India after that by apologists of slavery all the way through to the American Civic War. But my constant engagement along with the ancient Greeks and their background has made me more, rather than less, convinced that they asked a series of crucial questions that are difficult to identify in combination contained by any of the other cultures of the ancient Mediterranean or Near Eastern antiquity.

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