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Staycations are becoming our only way to travel this Summer and many of us are now truly appreciating the beauty that we already have here in Ireland. The new travel restrictions have got everybody wondering: what hotels are pet-friendly? What better way to spend your trip than with your pooch right beside you! This hotel has a host of amazing Summer Staycation Packages! They can all have the dog friendly option added and are available to view here.

The interior design of our newest area , takes inspiration from some of the greatest Danish female designers — This new room is a accolade to the Danish female designers, as of the golden era of danish aim. Fathom Travel Awards is an fragmentary celebration of the best places, services and products in the world. Why not extend the Classic Danish aim experience. A collection of small aim items is available for purchase by the front desk in Hotel Alexandra. In our webshop, you can constant get yourself a piece of Danish vintage furniture. Not exactly sure anywhere to go by bike?

All the rage recent years, the use of Airbnb and other home-stay accommodation has exploded internationally. Sitting on the sidelines along with one watchful eye monitoring this craze, as usual I decided to be a bit of a skeptic ahead of jumping on the bandwagon and consider the little-known facts about using a service like Airbnb for myself. Although its growing popularity there are a few pretty troubling issues with Airbnb after that similar counterparts, leading many to ask if there are any ethical alternatives to Airbnb? Different people prioritise altered things because there are different types of travellers.

My mother and I were spending a couple of days celebrating her 82nd birthday and it was wonderful. All at the King and Prince was just lovely to her. We made special memories. As always, thank you. What a beautiful environment you acquire to work in every day…. We stayed in an ocean front cabin on the fourth floor and the views and sound from the Absolute Atlantic Ocean were splendid! Beyond the relaxing atmosphere of the villa, the next best part was the absurd food and excellent service at the ECHO Restaurant.

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