10 Popular Fairy Tale Stories for Kids

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Feb 06, Linda rated it liked it I enjoyed the story, although it was a little far fetched, but aren't they all!? This was about Princess Laurentia, who is next in line for a small fictional European country, since she is an only child and the queen has been deceased for many years and her father, the king never remarried or had any other children. She is a widow at the age of 25, since she married someone that we later discover was insane and was most likely assassinated. Her father decides its time for her to remarry and h I enjoyed the story, although it was a little far fetched, but aren't they all!? Her father decides its time for her to remarry and have some heirs. The king throws a huge party to show her off, hoping someone will strike her fancy.

After everything else Updated on January 6, Mermaids, fairies, magic, and talking animals are can you repeat that? come to mind when thinking of Fairy Tales. These tales are accordingly much more than just stories. They can also be used to clarify your children about values, such at the same time as kindness and endurance, as seen beneath, and are one of the finest tools for intricate learning. Cinderella The story of Cinderella tells of a kindhearted young woman who was treated cruelly by her stepmother and sisters, but, never the less, kept a humble attitude. One day, the emperor decided to throw a ball after that invited all the young maidens all the rage the kingdom. Once they left, her Fairy Godmother appeared and helped Cinderella go to the ball with a bit of magic that would barely last until midnight. At the globe, Cinderella caught the eye of the prince, as she was the a good number beautiful girl there, and they danced all night.

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