Does sex provide health benefits?

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Apply now for the AARP Purpose Prize, which honors people 50 and older who tap into life experiences to build a better future. Find out more. An older woman can be satisfied with her sex life even if she's not having sex, according to a new survey. See also: 5 myths about sex and aging.

Having sex frequently — and enjoying it — puts older men at advanced risk for heart attacks and erstwhile cardiovascular problems. For older women, but, good sex may actually lower the risk of hypertension. The federally funded research, led by a Michigan Affirm University scholar, is published online all the rage the Journal of Health and Collective Behavior. For the current study, Liu and colleagues analyzed survey data as of 2, people in the National Collective Life, Health and Aging Project. Participants were aged when the first beckon of data was collected in ; another round of data was calm five years later. Cardiovascular risk was measured as hypertension, rapid heart appraise, elevated C-reactive protein and general cardiovascular events: heart attack, heart failure after that stroke. Older men who had femininity once a week or more were much more likely to experience cardiovascular events five years later than men who were sexually inactive, the analyse found. This risk was not bring into being among older women. She said the findings suggest the strain and demands from a sexual relationship may be more relevant for men as they get older, become increasingly frail after that suffer more sexual problems.

We rarely hear senior sexual health discussed openly in everyday conversation or all the rage the media. Why is it so as to this important topic seems to be converted into more taboo and less talked a propos as we age? Experts agree so as to remaining mute on the subject affair leads to the general misconception so as to seniors lose interest in sex. Although this is far from the accuracy and quite the opposite.

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