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Boost Your Libido Libido is a term used in psychoanalytic theory to describe the energy created by the survival and sexual instincts. According to Sigmund Freud, the libido is part of the id and is the driving force of all behavior. While the term libido has taken on an overtly sexual meaning in today's world, to Freud, it represented all psychic energy and not just sexual energy. The id, he suggested, was a reservoir of unconsciousprimal energy. It is the id that serves as the source of our wants and impulses. The Libido and the Id How does the libido function in the id? The id is controlled by what Freud termed the pleasure principle.

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That's why Barbieri often asks patients a propos lifestyle factors first—like if her enduring is committed to someone, communicating along with her partner, and feeling happy. After that up is lifestyle and schedule. A few contraceptives alter the body's testosterone production—and not in a good way. Hormonal birth control often puts the ovaries to sleep, halting ovulation. Conked-out ovaries can't produce testosterone.

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