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Their story did not end with the series, which ran from toalthough it probably should have. The follow-up movie was unnecessary, and the second film, inwas unwatchable. As the new series begins, Carrie Parker picks up the character with total ease is still blissfully married to Mr Big Chris Noth but is now working as a contributor to a podcast. The podcast's host, Che Diaz Sara Ramirezwho identifies as queer and non-binary, calls Carrie the OG at least Carrie gets that it means original gangster for her openness in writing about sex in the past, but warns her that she's not raunchy enough for today. High-powered, no-nonsense Miranda Cynthia Nixon is getting a master's degree and hoping to become a human-rights lawyer. She has also let her hair go grey, which allows the show to whisk away the conversation about ageing.

Accordingly I sat down at the laptop and several coffees later, I allow an updated list for you. A minute ago so we are all on the same page here, I am at once post third pregnancy. So the spacing between Gear I Use posts is mostly contributed to the fact I have been in and out of baby-growing and postpartum recovery. Call me a creature of habit if you want! I hope to get ago to that level someday. But designed for the moment, this is an candid list of what keeps me grinding away each week! I updated so as to post shortly after Peanut 3 arrived and have tried to keep so as to one narrowed down to the add critical pieces! Anyways, on to this list.

Air Credit: Dane Wetton Why and how did movement become such a adult part of your life? From a young age movement was something I resonated with. The buzz of accomplishment flips on the trampoline, swimming designed for hours in Lake Taupo where I grew up or the vibe of team sports were all natural pulls in my life. After some years of battling waves of depression after that not feeling myself due to anaemic teenage life choices and not affecting regularly. I decided something needed en route for change.

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