Discover Squamish May 2018

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Local Moberg takes first stage win while Nash continues to outpace the rest of the women and most of the men. Squamish is a playground for riders of all styles and it is more than just a gas stop for people heading to Whistler 45 minutes north. Whatever you bring, be prepared to be challenged while finding that golden glow riders are looking for when they ride. The Race Squamish has brought some cooler evening temperatures with a prevailing wind but the days are still hot and the dips into the woods are welcomed but dryer than anyone can remember. There is a fire ban in the entire province and ominously the trails of the first three stages have been shut down to backcountry activity due to the drought.

Squamish is the kind of place anywhere the grocer knows you by appellation and neighbourhood kids play hockey all the rage the cul-de-sac. Each one equipped along with a spacious two car garage designed for all your outdoor gear, and abundant fenced back yard for summer barbecues. Builder reserves the right to accomplish changes. Squamish is rife with creatives, including several of B. Now he has a studio in the aged industrial area at the end of Mamquam Road where he makes altogether manners of wearable jewelry — at the same time as well as gorgeous fishing flies of silver, gold, and gemstones. We moved here before the Olympics when it was still a mill town.

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