Instagram’s Most Fascinating Subculture? Women Hunters.

Hunting for girls 16074

After meeting me and moving into our town where the culture in our town is that everybody hunts, she started hunting and really likes it. They also may not be aware that wild game is some of the healthiest meat you can eat. At my house, we usually eat venison that we have harvested at least twice a week. For instance, last night, we cubed some venison, cooked it and put it on top of our salads. We also grind venison for hamburger, sausage and hot dogs as well as having deer burgers, roast and steak from the deer we harvest. The venison hot dogs are the only thing that we have to let a butcher prepare for us. The rest of the butchering and processing we do ourselves. This processor makes venison hot dogs, and they are delicious. My father-in-law has a grinder we use to grind up our venison to make deer burgers.

Published on Sunday, Feb. It was a frozen winter dawn on the Thompson family farm and hunting property. The two nursing students were concealed all the rage a box stand, a simple impassive structure with openings to shoot all the way through. The deer was a brown blotch on the tree line yards absent. Cadi, a fresh-faced, confident year-old, has been hunting white-tailed deer since she was 7. She lifted up her rifle and checked the animal all the way through the telescopic sights. She passed the rifle to soft-spoken, dark-haired Amber McMillen, 26, who had gone hunting a few times, but never killed a deer before.

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