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You're the only goddamn one in this whole goddamn neighborhood without a pool. It's common knowledge around here. I go back to my spot next to Roy's doghouse and sit down on this lawn that's as soft and inviting as the bottom of a skillet. It really makes me wonder what kind of sense Amy and this Howard character have. What's the point in living in a place like this, knocking elbows with the rich and the famous, and not owning a pool? I could be taking a few laps and cooling off while I wait instead of sitting here, covered with a grainy film of sweat and smelling like a world war. I think if I was the goat I'd be complaining too.

At time, the best moments in a firearm - online or otherwise - are when nothing is happening at altogether. So much of a battle is just waiting - moving your building block forward, hoping something will happen. The atmosphere is thick, but the backcloth is static. There's very little communication with everything around you, just the occasional tank or car. Often a vehicle or building looks like it should be interactive, but just isn't. It isn't easy to play, arduous to master like most - it's just hard to play, and arrogant of it.

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