What does the devil look like? 8 historical images of Satan

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Sexy Satan, scary Satan, sly Satan … do you have a favorite depiction of Satan? Everyone loves a bad boy, right? From the dawn of time — perhaps literally — people have been fascinated with villains, sinners and the inherent sexiness of the dangerous. Jordan in Black Pantherand who are more often than not written in a more compelling fashion than their hero counterparts. It seems we have done this for centuries, tracing back to the Ultimate Villain, an angel who rebelled and fell from grace.

As of a fallen angel to a bearded, red-hued man with horns, images of Satan have seen the Prince of Darkness' appearance reinvented many times. The satanic figure of today is the result of centuries of art, creative writing and theatre, all sculpting a characterization of evil. Both of these scholars are experts in the history of Satan and the occult. In the original Hebrew text, though, no such name is given to the animal who convinces them to eat the fruit from the Tree of Acquaintance of Good and Evil. It is only later, in the New Authentication, that Satan is referred to clearly as a serpent. Despite this, serpents and snakes remain commonly associated along with the devil.

I have studied the history of the Christian Devil for twenty years, after that in this time one question has often struck me: why do ancestor seem to like him? I could spend another twenty years mulling arrange why this is the case, although I shall attempt some brief answers in this blog. First let me offer a word of clarification. All the rage what follows I am treating the Christian Devil as a figure all the rage the history of religious thought. This is because - to paraphrase the pioneer of historical scholarship in this field, Jeffrey Burton Russell - altogether we can really know about Satan is what people have believed a propos him. This is as true designed for someone like Russell who believes all the rage the Devil as it is designed for someone like me who does not. So why do we like the Devil?

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