Men confess: 22 reasons why younger guys fall for older women

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Medically Reviewed By: Dawn Brown Confident and successful women of various ages exist all over the world. They are capable of engaging or befriending men that are equal or older anytime they wish. Rarely understood but often seen, younger men are attracted to this diverse group's older women. It's also interesting to note that many older women are returning the interest that men show them. The attraction that younger men have to older women is one that many people ponder. However, there are a few reasons that men offer to explain their attraction to older women. Most people give no thought to the age gap when the man is older than the woman. However, couples seem to get strange looks when the woman is the senior in the relationship. This leads to a common question, why would a younger man be attracted to an older woman.

The girl is always younger, right? A load of times a younger man ends up with an older woman. Heck, the President of France is 25 years younger than his wife! Authorize 3 is a hot topic all the rage relationship psychology right now. Our revealing new quiz will help you ascertain your hidden superpower and unlock your greatest gifts in life. Check it out here. A man who is into a woman will be care of her. He wants to be seen as a protector and bringer, even if he is the younger one.

After I am alone or out along with my girlfriends, I am constantly achieve on by younger men. My girlfriends say it's because I don't air my age and that I should feel flattered. Well, I am not a cougar, and I don't acquire turned on by younger men. I find it offensive when I am approached by them. While my definite friends are being asked on adore dates by professional older men, I'm being asked on dates by struggling college boys who have no carriage, no job and cramped living accommodation with three other roommates. It has reached the point that I a minute ago pretend to be married. But it's starting to bother me that adult men don't find me attractive. I have stopped wanting to go absent because of this.

But, there are a few key differences you should definitely know about. The biggest difference is that older women are more direct and straightforward after flirting with men. This, incidentally, is another great benefit of dating older women. That said, older women are still very capable of giving you unclear signs, which can make you question yourself. Some of these behaviour are pretty obvious but very central nonetheless. That includes women holding discernment contact with you and smiling by the same time or touching you flirtatiously. Others are a bit add subtle but extremely powerful.

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