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By Logan Mahan missloganmarie We recently told you how to properly wash your face and your ass. Point is, everyone has dealt with folliculitis from time to time. So we tapped Dr. Michele S. Ah, scrumptious. So what causes butt acne? There are a number of reasons why pimples can appear on your backend.

You're psyched, ready to hop in an Uber and race over. Aaaand after that you realize you haven't shaved. We've all been there, but I've all the time wondered if it really matters. I mean, we swallow our pride, accommodate our breath and get down en route for full bush almost every time we go down on them. So I took the liberty of asking guys if they'd be so kind after that do the same. This first chap, Jamison, sounded like he'd had be subject to He sounded so nonchalant! On erstwhile other hand, I was quite agitated to hear that even my 8 o'clock shadow down under wasn't a sufficient amount to put him off the be subject to as a whole. Aaron just laughed at me I've never understood why he laughed me off when he knew damn well I was blank serious!

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