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Will your partner cheat? Look out for these signs Written by Maria Cohut, Ph. We are living in an age of sexual liberation and shifting values when it comes to long-term relationships and romantic commitment. We are now, more than ever before, starting to speak out in favor of polyamory, the practice of being in a consensual relationship with several partners at once. But long-term monogamous relationships have many perils, including habit, boredom, decreased libidoand the worries of a shared everyday life.

You get a health boost in altogether sorts of ways from fooling about, from lowering blood pressure to accent reduction. Read on for all the excuses you need to schedule femininity tonight. Hide Caption 1 of 10 Photos: 10 reasons to have femininity tonight 10 reasons to have femininity tonight — Sex, especially orgasm, releases the bonding hormone oxytocin, which promotes a feeling of well-being and bliss. And you don't have to accomplish like bunnies to get the benefit; a study of 30, Americans above four decades found that sex by least once a week was a sufficient amount to make people happy. Hide Description 2 of 10 Photos: 10 reasons to have sex tonight Sex seems to be especially good for a woman's heart -- the physical individual, that is. A recent study bring into being that women who said they had frequent, extremely satisfying sex had a lower risk of hypertension, a coarse precursor to heart disease. Hide Description 3 of 10 Photos: 10 reasons to have sex tonight Regular, common sex may lower the risk of prostate cancer, according to research presented to the American Urological Association.

Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. We may earn a commission through acquaintance on our site. Mar 17, Here's rule number one of having a successful relationship: Don't cheat. Yes, so as to was Captain Obvious talking. But, around is a controversial exception to this rule. Some men say that having an affair actually saved or strengthened their relationship. D, author of Chatting or Cheating.

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