5 things to consider before going blonde

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I am naturally a brunette, but they tell you to go back to whatever hair color you had when you were a child, so blonde has been my choice of color and I love it. To me, it just feels natural. Ya know? I have been a blonde most of my life, but remember it getting darker around 10th grade. In my sophomore pictures, the top of my hair was brown and bottom was blonde, and it was just not okay. I kept asking Belinda why she let me leave the house like that, so she gave in and let me get highlights. I know we have this urge to be an all new you with a major haircut or new hair color, but I found it was more of an uh-oh decision. It was so much upkeep cause when you have been bleaching your hair for years, the follicle is wide open, making it difficult to hold any color what so ever.

Using a purple toning shampoo is a key step in keeping your beard color looking fresh, vibrant, and akin to you just left the salon. Ahead of time, everything you need to know a propos how to use purple shampoo. En route for get why the tinted product is so crucial to hair color allowance, you first have to understand brassiness. Brassiness describes the unwanted warm, ashen tones that emerge in lightened strands, especially blonde hair. A whole congregation of things—UV rays from the sun, chlorine, mineral impurities in the water—can all mess with your hair color and cause brassiness. That's where amethyst shampoo comes in. As it cleanses strands, it dispenses purple pigment so as to helps return your hair color en route for a cooler tone. But why purple?

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