How to : Really Get to Know Someone

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Some people have no trouble getting to know others. You might even have a friend like that. But not everyone has such an easy time connecting with new people. When trying to find out more about a new acquaintance, you might be tempted to run through a long list of questions. Not much of a film person? Instead of asking random questions, let the conversation guide you, and look for cues from the other person. Are those your dogs? People naturally reveal information about themselves over time. Say you just met someone who seems really great.

At time, you meet someone, and you a minute ago click. You feel like you've been besties your entire life and candidly can't believe there was a age when you didn't even know they existed. And then, there's those erstwhile relationships that take a little add work—i. Although if you're asking these q's of your BIL Tamekis Williams , LCSW, founder of Mission Dorothy Female Empowerment Services , adds so as to you want to ask open-ended questions that will allow the other person to elaborate, instead of questions so as to can be answered with a austere yes or no.

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