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Water Water should be your go-to beverage during pregnancy. Add an extra glass to your usual water intake — that should be at least six to eight 8-ounce glasses per day — to keep not only yourself well-hydrated, but your baby, too. What are the health benefits of drinking water while pregnant? The pasteurization process kills off harmful bacteria like Listeria and E. Soy milk is usually a safe bet, with more protein than many of the others. Yes, part of being pregnant is getting really good at reading labels. Herbal Tea Herbal tea is not true tea.

Drinkable Yogurts Shutterstock Probiotics are great designed for maintaining good gut health, but not when they're tainted with loads of sugar. You're better off enjoying a satiating serving of these 25 Finest Yogurts for Weight Loss instead. But you really need a caffeine answer, stick to black coffee with a splash of cream and limit your seasonal latte indulgences to once before twice a month. Just 12 ounces of tonic water can cost you calories and 32 grams of sugar—that's only seven grams less than soda for the same amount! Maybe at the same time as a kid, but not as a health-conscious adult. If you must experience again your childhood from time to age, make sure to share the beige float with a friend!

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