Writing Real Women by Nekesa Afia

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Sarah Penna and Lisa Berger launched a media company to cater to them. Entertainment, who was working as a consultant at the youth-centric, multimedia company. In other words, a portion of the billion-dollar romance industry that is driven by women between 30 and Frolic is zeroing in on the younger segment of that devoted group: to year-olds. They love things like Stranger Things. Interested in a Jane Austen T-shirt or a Sassenach soy candle? Sassenach is a Scottish term for an English person, made famous in Outlander, another TV series beloved by Frolic readers. The company is slowly introducing ads, and more transactional elements, such as merchandise and special videos for purchase, are being added to drive revenue. Another piece of the business that the women are betting on is producing TV shows and movies.

Cheat is a ghastly game, Yet, played by many all the same. Our hearts were blind to their absorbed. Our trust in others now is spent. We have all heard altered versions of how a well-educated, acceptable member of the community was by hook or by crook duped into sending large quantities of money to a complete stranger.

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Abide it away, Nekesa! A Strong Lady Character. Stay with me for a second. You know the type. The Strong Female Character is one of the boys. She rejects her femaleness. Oh, I hate her so much!

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