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This character is a moral and benevolent person, at least when it comes to matters of romance and sexuality. A person who has a strong and reasonable ethical codea strong and not misguided sense of empathy, or both. They also strongly believe in consent. Because of this, regardless of this or in spite of this depending on the settingthe character believes that Sex Is Good and that it's wrong to impose limits to what sexuality should be like. This is a character who is strongly opposed to abusepredationexploitationentitlement and Double Standardswhile at the same time also opposing judgmental and moralistic attitudes about such matters as promiscuityPolyamoryopen relationshipsFriends with Benefitshomosexuality, BDSM and Maligned Mixed Marriage. Since this standpoint is a personal one, the character does not have to be interested in politics or activism. The character is simply leading by example by directly or indirectly embracing a wide range of sexuality, either by practicing sexual varietism or by professing their belief in the free love doctrine and by caring about the emotions of everyone involved and it isn't necessary for the character to have an active sex life.

Erotic fiction so hot it'll melt your Kindle. She's a confessed nymphomaniac, chocoholic, and loves a cold beer afterwards a sweaty day of fun. Femininity, sex, and more sex! In the second installment of the Diary of a Nympho series, Kelly Haven lets you into yet another one of her steamy diary entries from after she was young. Nothing is held back, or censored, as she gets a package of her own individual day while home from school. Be able to you say, Special Delivery?

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A character who is well known designed for how easy they are. For sexual contact, that is. This trope is a Double Standard writ large: after a male character sluts it ahead, he's a stud and usually The Casanova , Kavorka Man , Courteous Pervert , a Chick Magnet after that The Pornomancer or maybe an Chance Pornomancer if they are innocent after that aren't actively seeking it out. After a woman does it, she's a slut and it's time for the most insulting and aggressive adjectives , with Really Gets Around as a euphemism. This sometimes overlaps with body evil , but is also a staple of sitcoms where it's add used as a simple source of humor. Jokes will usually play arrange her astonishing number and variety of partners. Often described as man-hungry, at ease, loose or fast. In a add rural setting, she is often branded the village bicycle been everywhere after that everyone's had a ride Expect big-hearted quotations from the Comic Sutra.

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