The Difference Between Open-Minded and Closed-Minded People

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Before a work trip a few years ago, Chloe hinted to her husband she wanted to have sex with someone else. While she didn't have a particular person in mind, it had been a fantasy of hers for a while. That didn't eventuate, but the couple officially began a non-monogamous relationship earlier this year. An old friend had called Chloe to wish her happy birthday and they ended up catching up — and sleeping together. That was the first time I had sex with anyone aside from my partner in 10 years, she says. Since then, Chloe and her husband have dated and slept with other people, with some connections stronger than others. More and more people are actively looking for alternatives to monogamy, research shows. And it's women leading this relationship revolution, explains author and social researcher Wednesday Martin.

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Why is it that some people appear to make constant progress in their professional and personal lives, while others appear to be doomed to do again the same mistakes over and over? It comes down to mindset. Booming people tend to approach life along with an open mindset — an enthusiasm to learn and a willingness en route for be wrong. The other group digs their heels in at the at the outset sign of disagreement and would considerably die than be wrong. Before you smugly slap an open-minded sticker arrange your chest, consider this: closed-minded ancestor would never consider that they could actually be closed-minded. Are you the real deal, or have you austerely learned to talk the talk, en route for look the part?

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