Ramadan 2021: 9 questions about the Muslim holy month you were too embarrassed to ask

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Abandon: To give up or discontinue all any further interest in something because of discouragement, weariness, distaste; feeling unrestrained, uninhibited; to give up all concern with. Abandoned: Feeling unwanted, discarded, left behind. Abominable: Arousing feelings of disgust and hatred; detestable; loathsome. Absorbed: A feeling of deep interest or involvement. Accepting or Acceptance: A feeling of being amenable; open. Acquisitive: Feeling strongly desirous of acquiring and possessing. Adamant: Feeling inflexible, rigid, uncompromising; determined to keep a position or point of view.

Which means there's a good chance you might encounter someone — a acquaintance, a coworker, a neighbor, your child's teacher — who will be celebrating, fasting, and doing all sorts of other activities that are unique en route for the holy month. But what is Ramadan, exactly? Ramadan is the a good number sacred month of the year designed for Muslims — the Prophet Mohammed allegedly said, When the month of Ramadan starts, the gates of heaven are opened and the gates of a nightmare are closed and the devils are chained. During the entire month of Ramadan, Muslims fast every day as of dawn to sunset. It is meant to be a time of devout discipline — of deep contemplation of one's relationship with God, extra appeal, increased charity and generosity, and concentrated study of the Quran. But but that makes it sound super acute and boring, it's really not. It's a time of celebration and bliss, to be spent with loved ones. It's kind of like the Muslim version of Christmas, in the awareness that it's a religious holiday anywhere everyone comes together for big meals with family and friends, exchanges presents, and generally has a lovely age. Of course, the Covid pandemic has made many of the more collective aspects of Ramadan a lot harder to do safely, given restrictions arrange travel and the need to argue social distancing and avoid large, covered gatherings.

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