We’re Shaped by Our Sexual Desires. Can We Shape Them?

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Warning: This short but horrific true story below may offend you Full Disclosure: The only details changed are the names to protect their privacy. It was infuriating, but more than that, it was embarrassing. Jenny had never felt so unwanted or undesired in her life and all her neighbors got to witness this spectacle unfold. And even though Jenny was crushed when she heard all the details…. So she poked and prodded her husband for more information. Ray said that this other woman knew how to push all his buttons. It was like she hijacked my brain, she switched off my ability to think logically and I could only think emotionally.

Accomplish you know the story of Myrrha and Cinyras? Myrrha, he tells us, was the princess of Cyprus, the daughter of King Cinyras, whom she dearly loved—but not as a descendant should. Tormented by forbidden lust, she tried to hang herself, but was discovered in time by her care for. Disguised by the dark, Myrrha depleted many blissful nights with her member of the clergy, until Cinyras at last thought en route for fetch a light to see the face of his young lover. Arrange learning the truth, he seized his sword, to kill her. She fled and wandered the earth until the gods put an end to her misery by turning her into a tree. That is how we got myrrh.

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