UN investigating after claim NSA hacked into network to spy on foreign diplomats

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Secret NSA documents leaked in to journalists by contractor Edward Snowden revealed that the agency was collecting phone records and digital communications of millions of citizens not suspected of crimes and prompting congressional reform. Snowden remains exiled in Russia. A three-judge panel of the 2nd U. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan permitted the National Security Agency program to continue temporarily as it exists, and all but pleaded for Congress to better define where the boundaries exist. A lower court judge in December had thrown out the case, saying the program was a necessary extension to security measures taken after the Sept. The appeals court, which heard two hours of arguments by lawyers in December, said the lower court had erred in ruling that the phone records collection program was authorized in the manner it was being carried out. During the December arguments, the judges said the case would likely be decided by the U. Supreme Court. Celebrity stylist, interior designer offers their top tips for dressing up for the holidays.

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