Erotic humiliation

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Is it pleasurable? Is it damaging? Degradation is when you try to lower or dehumanize someone — making them act like a piece of furniture or an animal. However, it is possible for some acts of degradation to ALSO humiliate. Either by better behavior or a fun time, participants should be aiming for a positive outcome. Punishments should be clear and consistent. Places like sex clubs, BDSM gatherings, a private gathering of kinky friends, kink festivals, private property no trespassing etc. Because strangers walking down the street — vanilla or otherwise — are not able or might not want to consent to seeing it.

This can mean any of the following: Being slapped or spanked. Participating all the rage orgasm denial or being made en route for orgasm on demand. Sexual denial as a result of command or use of chastity apparatus. Having an enforced dress code i. Deprival of privacy, such as body watched using the toilet. Being compulsory to wear a collar. Performing acts of body worship. Performing tasks before acts of service.

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