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Four students sat down with the College Tribune to talk about their experience with sexting,nudes, and revenge porn. Humans have always found ways to communicate. Be it through saucy letters or lewd paintings, we have always had a way to express our lust and desires for someone. In fact Irish teenagers are some of the most prolific sexters in Europe with 1 in 4 claiming to have sent some kind of sext. The growth in the popularity of sexting can be partly attributed to the boom of new social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Tinder and Snapchat. Photo-sharing has never been easier and quicker in our day to day lives, so naturally it will feed into the world of the sexual.

But, I am finding that many districts have not yet detailed in their discipline codes exactly what it is, how it will be investigated, who will be involved, and what bidding happen to those who participate. This is unfortunate because experience shows us that when formal policies and procedures have not kept pace with the rapid changes of technology and their use by kids and teens, discipline administrators struggle when attempting to acceptable wrongful behavior. We have to accomplish sure that clear guidance and administration is available when a sexting argument comes to the attention of discipline administrators. Moreover, in order to certify compliance with response protocols and en route for avoid legal pitfalls, administrators have en route for be proactive. They must specifically analysis and improve current policies and procedures before a situation arises, develop additional policies in concert with technology specialists and law enforcement agencies, and be in contact such policies to educators, staff, after that students at their school. It should highlight that such images and videos often constitute child pornography, and so as to creating them, possessing them, or transmitting them is a felony offense area of interest to criminal prosecution. That is, students who send a naked or semi-naked picture of themselves to others are subject to punishment. In addition, students who disseminate naked or semi-naked images of other students are also area of interest to punishment. Finally, students who accept a naked or semi-naked image of another student needs to report the incident to a counselor or basic immediately.

But your child has sent a bare, what steps should you take after that what support can you expect as of local agencies? Our experts provide close on this and more about the law, sexting and tips to administer the situation. Most schools will accomplish a judgement on whether to absorb outside agencies such as the constabulary but it is important that parents are involved in the discussions after that whether support, further education or castigation is most appropriate. Each sexting clash is different and it is central that schools deal with them aptly on a case by case base. This is down to a whether the school chooses to involve the police and b whether the constabulary decide it is in the broadcast interest to record the incident at the same time as a crime or, in serious cases, move to prosecute.

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