18 Foreplay Tips That Lead to Better Sex

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Sex has long transcended its mere function to procreate. It is now regarded as the steamy engagement of passion and physical desires. As more couples open up their sexual prowess to wider realms of experimentation, the issue of favouring one technique over the other is often questioned. With this article in hand, those questions will now be answered. Wild sex is all about the passionate thrusts, audible pleasures and chemistry so sizzling, that it threatens to set the air on fire. Couples are increasingly relying on vigour and aggression, to shake up their lovemaking skills. The mere thrill of the act is what makes this approach so appealing.

The study, published in prestigious science academic journal Plos One, surveyed more than 3, women from around the world en route for find out what they liked amid the sheets. The eye opening results into female pleasure could revolutionise how we have sex and even accurate the orgasm gap. Incredibly, a big Coming in second was Shallowing with 84 per cent of women saying they preferred sex not also deep. And the research found women really do prefer being on acme.

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