Transcript: Donald Trump’s Taped Comments About Women

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The worst? What makes someone a dick has nothing to do with masculinity or femininity; to be a dick, you have to be a terrible person. To be a pussy, you have to be weak as a human being, which is something anyone can do, whether man or woman, liberal or conservative, black or white, even religious or atheist. Wherever you come from, your behavior is a choice, which makes the following six qualities not only optional, but also inexcusable. To make things worse, entitled people may try to pass their wants off as needs, which is something I encountered in high school. When my high school started enforcing uniforms——yes, I know, ew——there was a group of girls who insisted that the uniforms were too big and that they should be allowed to wear skirts shorter than what dress code allowed.

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At this juncture is the full transcript of the conversation: Warning: the following text includes graphic language Unknown: She used en route for be great, she's still very attractive. You know she was down arrange Palm Beach. I moved on her, and I failed. I'll admit it. I did try and fuck her, she was married. No this was [inaudible] and I moved on her very heavily in fact I took her out furniture shopping. She hunt to get some furniture.

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