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The bitterness and resentment I felt toward the person who hurt me was physically making me sick and turning me into a person nobody wanted to be around. The more I read the bible and pray, the more I understand that letting go is what God requires of me. God Bless You! Just because I was mad because it felt like she gave up on our friendship so easily. She told me something in private and i exaggerated it and told like 3 friends I barely know and 2 close friends. Word got out and she got mad and texted me very angrily. I learned from it but it still hurts. My drinking lead to me getting beaten up at 19 and having my jaw broken.

They had known each other since appointment at the kindergarten in their diminutive mid-western town. Chuckles Daycare Club had kept the toddlers of Midland, Ohio, happy for over a generation. At once, twenty years later and they were still inseparable. They sat together enjoying a coffee outside their favorite auburn shop in downtown Baltimore where they both worked as lawyers. We should have started at sixteen like Fiona did.

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