From Aggressive Overtures to Sexual Assault: Harvey Weinstein’s Accusers Tell Their Stories

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Shopping When Evans arrived for the meeting, the building was full of people. She was led to an office with exercise equipment in it, and takeout boxes on the floor. Weinstein was there, alone. Evans said that she found him frightening. He overpowered me.

Although he cannot stop imagining Jane fooling around with Stradlater , and he has trouble falling asleep. He wakes Ackley and talks with him a few more, asking whether he could administer off and join a monastery devoid of being Catholic. After passing a a small amount of days there in secret, he bidding wait until his parents have digested the news of his expulsion ahead of he returns to their apartment. He packs his bags, dons his hunting hat, and begins to cry. Summary: Chapter 8 Holden walks the complete way to the train station after that catches a late train to Additional York. At Trenton, an attractive older woman gets on and sits after that to him. She turns out en route for be the mother of his classmate, Ernest Morrow. When she asks why he is leaving Pencey early, Holden claims to be returning to Additional York for a brain tumor act.

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