This Is Why Your Partner’s Vagina Feels ‘Loose’ — Plus How to Talk About It

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These changes include her monthly menstrual cycles and then the loss of those cycles as she reaches menopause. When a woman is in her childbearing years, her hormones will fluctuate at different points in her cycle. As a woman begins the first day of her period, hormone levels of estrogen and progesterone are low. As the cycle progress, she moves closer towards ovulation and hormone levels rise. The increased levels of estrogen and progesterone may make the vagina feel more lubricated and elastic during this time. After ovulation, hormones drop again, and the vagina may feel less flexible and drier, leading to a perception of tightness.

Carry away Is there such a thing at the same time as too tight? With rare exceptions, about no vagina is too tight designed for intercourse. Sometimes, however, you have en route for help prepare a bit more designed for penetration. In its unaroused state, the vagina is three to four inches long.

But you buy through links on this page, we may earn a diminutive commission. The notion that a vagina can be too loose — after that the so-called reasons why a person might be loose — go approach back and, TBH, are all abuse. A lack of sex ed , jealousy and insecurity , and conceivably a sprinkling of misogyny has hold in reserve this harmful — not to allusion completely inaccurate — theory alive. In history, reference to a loose vagina has been used as a way en route for shame people for their sex lives.

Be on the same wavelength here to get it. You announce that right: I said both of you. But first, we need en route for dispel a few myths about having a tight or loose vagina! Around are times when muscles can be beaten definition and exercises or other procedures may help, but there are a lot of misunderstandings about vaginal bagginess to sift through first. Having a baby makes your tight vagina ample. The first myth suggests that experiencing penetration from many partners gives a woman a loose vagina but ignores a woman who might have femininity with the same partner hundreds before thousands of times. The vagina is incredibly elastic is returns to its normal size and shape after femininity or even birthing a baby [ 1 p 23]. These ideas are rooted in the practice of slut-shaming, where women are judged for sexual desire and activities in situations anywhere they are not in love [ 2 ]. Slut-shaming can vary based on different factors and often includes criticism when a woman has also many partners or even engages all the rage certain types of sex.

We may earn commission from links arrange this page, but we only advise products we love. Well, you've appear to the right place. Dec 24, Asha Fuller Even if you're affluent talking about your sex life along with friends, there are likely some topics — such as weird carnal concerns — that are too embarrassing en route for bring up, even to your finest girls. But, hey, that's why you have Cosmo! We asked experts en route for weigh in on some of the most outrageous sex worries women allow. The worry: I'm not sure I'm tight enough down there.

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