My partner’s teenage daughter has to be the centre of his attention

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I am going through this now be grateful you for the info Pete Mont Reply The article and some of the parents issues are so akin to mine. My daughter has this entitlement attitude. I enabled her along with everything from car furniture holiday tickets etc. She has gone overseas a lot of times and came back pregnant 3 times. This Covid year she has gained over 50 kgs. She was bad at doing chores when she was young she is worse by 38 yrs with 4 kids. She cannot even bathe herself or bath her own kids? She stays along with us and her children our grandkids since Covid hit she had been evicted from her rental place But we ask or question anything she blames us for not being able parents.

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Photograph: Getty Images Sun 3 Feb She is sweet at times, but I get very wound up over a small amount things and I dread her advent home. She gets moody and be able to be quite bolshy. She is accurate to her dad which is absolute, but it winds me up. Designed for example, we went away for a couple of days and she was all over him, cuddling, putting her legs over his and always trying to be the centre of awareness, which made me feel left absent. A few times I have appear back from work and found her lying on my side of the bed next to him chatting. Am I being over the top?

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