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Christine Pooler has an exceptional resume, with stints at some of the world's best clubs. In an exclusive interview with GOLF, Pooler described the challenges of being a powerful woman in a male-dominated industry, what tends to hold women back when pursuing a career in golf, and the big plans she has in store at Oakland Hills. I got started through the food and beverage side of golf, and studied hospitality, and left Minnesota and went to Naples, Florida, almost 28 years ago. And I guess how that all happened is as a kid you hang out at Minnewaska Golf Club in my tiny little hometown, and you watch your mom schlep around the baby blue leather bag, and you see all the guys eating a hot dog, or drinking their sodas, or their beers, or whatever they might be, and you want to take care of them. And I just loved that people were happy and I loved being around it. Why do you think that is? And, or, they attempt to work in the golf side of the business.

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