The Sexiest Time I Ever Stayed In A Hotel : Thanks To A Very Hot Hotel Waiter

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Naughty in my hotel room dinapetro March 22, Views I was trying to make a sexy show for the hotel room service guy by displaying part of my seminude assets, expecting to enjoy seducing him and maybe rewarded with a look at his hardening cock under his pants before he leaves my hotel room, but the outcome was way beyond my expectations, read my story, enjoy it and find out all the details about it. I was in my mid-twenties by then, I flew by a plane and arrived at my already pre-reserved five-star hotel room, I had the rest of the day free for myself, as work starts the next day, I was not tired, the flight was short, I took a shower and decided to go shopping in a nearby mall, within walking distance from the hotel. After my meal, I relaxed for an hour or so, then decided to try my new lingerie on, I took a shower first, then put it on with nothing else under it, no bra and no panties, looking at myself in the mirror, I looked so hot to myself, a curvy hot body, firm D cub size tits, and fully round ass, the contrast between my bright white, silky soft skin with the color of the black lingerie made it look so sexy, it was suspended to my shoulders with two thin straps revealing most of my tits, and very short on the length, it had barely covered my ass ending less than one inch bellow my ass bottom line, which made it super-hot and sexy in fact. Being a bisexual woman, I almost fell in love or may be lust with my own figure, making me horny, my pussy was itchy between my legs, I lifted the garment up revealing my pussy which was shown in the full-sized mirror, completely waxed with silky soft skin, some moist had made it look a bit shiny by then. I was standing with my back to the TV and desk wooden counter in the spacy hotel room, he bent over, placed the drink over the table in front of me and handed me the bill and a pen to sign it, I took them from his hand, turned around placed the bill over the wooden counter, with my back completely to his eye sight by then, there was a lot for him to see and enjoy without me looking him in the eyes, I guess I had saved him the embarrassment, giving him a full chance to look and enjoy. The counter was a little low for my height, so I had to bend over to sign the paper, with some extra exaggeration from my side by spreading my legs apart without being noticed by him, which means, the ultra-short nightie I was wearing, rewarded him with an extra gift of a clear look at my fully bare ass and pussy, and I took my time signing the bill starting a conversation with him, asking some questions about the hotel, without turning to look at him, as if I was busy reading and signing the bill.

I have a corporate card all burnish and new to charge my meals and hotel rooms to, which is the biggest perk. I was accomplishment a little bit bored in my routine and the energy and bell of New York would snap me right out of that, besides reminding me why I love my contemporary city. I spent my first calendar day doing a bunch of exhausting act stuff, running all over and grabbing cab after cab. My feet ache. My head hurt. My arms were sore from carrying around my baggage, computer and all the work supplies I was required to haul about. Even though I had a bouquet of friends clamoring for my awareness and company during my stay all the rage their city, I was just also tired to even consider meeting a person for dinner.

Admin 0 My wife and also I are both eager tourists in our early thirties as well as allow just returned from an amazing break in Croatia for two weeks anywhere we went to a lot of beautiful hotels and also famous ancient cities. In addition to having a wonderful time, the holiday was absolutely uneventful and provided the normal sun, sea, and also fantastic food so as to we are utilized to. Nonetheless individual of the days on the break did provide something a little a choice of. Towards completion of our trip we took a trip to Dubrovnik anywhere we had actually reserved a area at a small resort within the old community stress. We arrived about noontime as well as found so as to the resort was largely empty designed for the time of year, although it seems very pleasurable. We were welcomed on reception by a great looking guy called Anto, a neighborhood en route for the area aged around 25 years old. Anto was a pleasant chap that presented the resort as able-bodied as revealed us to our space; a sizable dual with air-conditioning after that large terrace— both welcome as the temperature was into the 90s. The resort room was a little add costly than we generally pay but it looked worth it. The receptionist showed us around and also apologised for the lack of towels which he stated he would certainly be sell for along shortly.

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