LGBTime Machine: Ancient Greece

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Save Story Save this story for later. In December,a volunteer who teaches photography at a school for refugee children on the Greek island of Samos gave Kodak disposable cameras to her class. She told the students to photograph their daily lives. All the African guys wanted to be transferred and they burned 2 toilets. The line for the doctor. Wires hung from a dirty and stained ceiling, and a tube light traversed the frame. It is known for its wine, its small size, and, now, for chronic overcrowding. This year, the situation has been growing worse as more migrants have arrived by boat from Turkey to join the four thousand refugees who are already here.

Students are quick to point out so as to these are institutions established for after that by white men from a advanced social class , where racism, rape culture, and classism are not adverse side effects but direct consequences of the system. And more recently, colleges have been forced to deal along with the results of fraternities ignoring coronavirus restrictions in favor of holding big gatherings: campus-wide Covid outbreaks. The actuality that many students of color air similarly is not an accident. All the rage fact, senior surveys of the classes of and at Princeton University bring into being that 77 percent of sorority members and 73 percent of fraternity members were white. Then there is the longstanding problem of sexual assault all the rage Greek life. Women in sororities are 74 percent more likely to be subject to rape than other college women — and some of this treatment of women is baked into the background and system itself. Fraternities and sororities require payment from their members en route for cover things such as social events, athletic programs, house maintenance, and all-purpose operations.

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Note: This post is part of a series. We swirl around the current, bumping into clunky bits of age as the wobbly LGBTime Machine hurtles us towards our newest well, I guess oldest if you want en route for be literal about it destination. Acquire it? Do you get it? As this whole series is super gay?

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